AMT has performed as both a key subcontractor and prime contractor with personnel that have the experience and expertise to construct and/or demo industrial type projects for private, municipal, state and federal owners.

  • Types of facilities: Electrical Transmission Switchyards & Substations, Electrical Distribution Substations, HVDC Electrical Convertor Stations, Aluminum Reduction Plant, Solar Fields, Water Pump Stations, Federal Barrack Housing, Fire Stations, and College & High School Buildings. (Substations were from 12.47 – 500KV; Green and Brown Fields)
  • Installed: Structural Steel Structures, Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting Switches, Instrument Transformers, Electrical Busway, Control House, Lightning Arresters, Insulators, Relays and Instrumentation, Grounding Systems, Auxiliary A.C. and D.C. Systems, Power/Control Wiring, Municipal Well Pumps, and Mechanical Water Piping.
  • Construction/Installation: Concrete Footings/Foundations, Electrical/Communication Ductbanks, Precast Electrical Vaults and Handholes, and Concrete Wire Raceways.
  • Earthwork: Clear and Grub, Site Preparations, and Structure Excavation
  • Demolition: Electrical Substations & Convertor Stations, Concrete Substructure, Brick/Wooden Buildings, and Structural Steel

High Voltage Demo

Civil Work


Substation Construction


Structural Demo

Transmission Upgrades